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A couple of weeks ago Maddy and I met up downtown to take some creative portraits. We had fun playing with light and shadow, reflections and some multiple exposure portraits (my favourite!!). Her boyfriend Mitch helped me reflector hold (Thank-you!) as we braved strong winds coming off the lake. I loved her make-up by Maddie Archer and Maddy was awesome to work with.  🙂 I love the light in summer evenings, when it is golden and glowy – makes me wish I could bottle it up for the winter….



On Friday I met up with Tarra to take some photos at Mission Creek Park. It was spitting rain on and off all day but it managed to clear off right before we started! Tarra was awesome to work with and a beautiful girl. 🙂 Thank-you to her mom, Kathy, for setting up the photoshoot!

I love colour photography, but there is just something about a creamy black and white image that I just LOVE. Maybe it is the mysteriousness of it, or the amount of depth that it seems to produce, but a good black and white just gets me sometimes.

The fall colours were so pretty though that I had to get some of Terra with the colours. I was shooting through some leaves here to play and see if I could get something a bit different than a usual portrait. 🙂

I am still booking sessions for this season, if you or someone you know is interested, e-mail me at or cliuck on the contact link at the top of the page 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Last Sunday I got to go photograph these two beautiful ladies. Mychka is a Husky and LaVeva is a rescue dog that is blind and deaf. However, when the treats came out it was all she could look at! Mychka covered me in kisses as soon as I arrived and took to the camera pretty well! I was impressed with these two ladies and their manners. I loved doing this session with these ladies. Without further adieu, here are Mychka and LaVeva 🙂


Mychka loves laying in this spot by the pool 🙂 Love her eyes – they are just the coolest!!


LaVeva seeing what Mychka is up to – she definitely wanted to be part of the action!


I am booking dog photography sessions for this fall – e-mail me at to reserve your spot! Would love to take photos of your dog in the pretty fall colours!



Are you considering a pet photography session but not sure if you should if you can take the photos yourself? 🙂

1) Knowledge – I have gone to photography school at Langara college and spent 5 years there learning everything I could about technique, lighting, composition and artistry. Going to photography school gave me a lot of knowledge on how to take photos, no matter what the lighting situation was. I could have watched videos and googled a lot of the information, but I learn a lot better hands on, especially because I am a very visual person.

2) They grow fast!! I still can’t believe how fast Ollie has grown!! I am treasuring the photos that I took of him in his first year, from when I got him at 10 weeks to a year old. (I am now offering a first year package for your dog, cat or horse…) I know that you will treasure the photos of your puppy or kitten for years to come! They definitely don’t stay young forever sadly. I am also a huge proponent of having photos printed in albums or books so that they will be in a hard copy for years to come.


3) Family – pets become family, and I love the gleam in a persons eye when they talk about their dog, cat or horse. They truly do become treasured members of a family, and when we eventually lose them photos are a tangible reminder of them. Pets truly not only become family, but we also get a deep connection to them that can be captured in a photograph. For people like myself that live on their own, pets become family and I love seeing a cute little face when I come home!

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4) Memories – photographs are a concrete way of having a memory preserved. They capture a moment in time that will soon be gone forever (no pun intended!) Photos can also capture a personality in a way that nothing else can. Each animals personality will be different – one of my favourite parts of being a pet photographer!! 🙂


5) Equipment – I have a Nikon d300s and a variety of lenses that I can use to capture your furry friend. I chose Nikon because of it’s high frame capture rate so that when dogs are running around playing I can capture those moments. I definitely need that capacity when taking photos of your pets! I also bring at least four 8gb memory cards (definitely don’t need that many but it’s good to have if I need them!)


I hope that I gave you some good reasons to hire me for your pet photography needs!! As always, if you have any questions comment below or e-mail me at 🙂

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lori and Mitch at their beautiful home for a family session with their dogs Calvin, a Maltese dog, and Curly, a chocolate lab. One of my favorite parts of being a pet photographer is seeing each dogs unique personality. Calvin was a really friendly dog but growled at random intervals throughout the session, while Curly kept running in search of sticks to play with 🙂 I loved taking some portraits of Lori and Mitch in the Arrow Leaf Balsam Root flowers too (Kelowna’s Official Flower!) I love seeing dogs run and play during their session and getting some more candid photos as well as more posed photos – I definitely think it makes for a nice blend.

This is Calvin…


And Curly…











This is definitely my dream job and I would love to take photos of you and your pets 🙂 E-mail me anytime at for more information and to book your session! Dogs, horses, cats, goats..!! I love how owners eyes light up when they think of their pets and I would love to capture that glow 😉