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5 reasons to book a Professional Pet Photography Session

Are you considering a pet photography session but not sure if you should if you can take the photos yourself? 🙂

1) Knowledge – I have gone to photography school at Langara college and spent 5 years there learning everything I could about technique, lighting, composition and artistry. Going to photography school gave me a lot of knowledge on how to take photos, no matter what the lighting situation was. I could have watched videos and googled a lot of the information, but I learn a lot better hands on, especially because I am a very visual person.

2) They grow fast!! I still can’t believe how fast Ollie has grown!! I am treasuring the photos that I took of him in his first year, from when I got him at 10 weeks to a year old. (I am now offering a first year package for your dog, cat or horse…) I know that you will treasure the photos of your puppy or kitten for years to come! They definitely don’t stay young forever sadly. I am also a huge proponent of having photos printed in albums or books so that they will be in a hard copy for years to come.


3) Family – pets become family, and I love the gleam in a persons eye when they talk about their dog, cat or horse. They truly do become treasured members of a family, and when we eventually lose them photos are a tangible reminder of them. Pets truly not only become family, but we also get a deep connection to them that can be captured in a photograph. For people like myself that live on their own, pets become family and I love seeing a cute little face when I come home!

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4) Memories – photographs are a concrete way of having a memory preserved. They capture a moment in time that will soon be gone forever (no pun intended!) Photos can also capture a personality in a way that nothing else can. Each animals personality will be different – one of my favourite parts of being a pet photographer!! 🙂


5) Equipment – I have a Nikon d300s and a variety of lenses that I can use to capture your furry friend. I chose Nikon because of it’s high frame capture rate so that when dogs are running around playing I can capture those moments. I definitely need that capacity when taking photos of your pets! I also bring at least four 8gb memory cards (definitely don’t need that many but it’s good to have if I need them!)


I hope that I gave you some good reasons to hire me for your pet photography needs!! As always, if you have any questions comment below or e-mail me at 🙂

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