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I have been wanting to do a portrait session in the snow for a really long time, and a couple of weeks ago my wish came true!! 🙂 Crystal contacted me via Facebook for a portrait shoot and when she mentioned she was going to bring her dog, Waffles, along too, I got really excited!! The snow started falling really lightly as I was heading there, and just before the photoshoot started, it started coming down harder and harder! I loved Crystals gorgeous red hair against the snow and Waffles exuberant energy – he was one tired puppy at the end from all the running in the snow 🙂 He also kept burying his face in the snow and trying to eat it! Without further adieu, here are some photos for you!!


Crystal_LowRez_ (39 of 51)Crystal_LowRez_ (38 of 51)Crystal_LowRez_ (41 of 51)Crystal_LowRez_ (43 of 51)Crystal_LowRez_ (45 of 51)

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A couple of weeks ago I met up with Noni, Jacob, Jerryn and Hunter for another family session. Noni hired me for the first photography shoot I ever did, and I am really glad they came back to me this year for another session. They were all smiles and had me laughing within five minutes of starting. Thanks for braving the chilly 8 am temperature with me! I think we got the best light of the day (early morning start times are always worth it and are definitely my favourite!!)

Noni_HighRez_ (1 of 1)Noni_LowRez_ (3 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (5 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (2 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (17 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (19 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (30 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (31 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (25 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (35 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (41 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (37 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (46 of 47)Noni_LowRez_ (45 of 47)

I am probably one of the biggest animal lovers you will ever meet! I have been wanting to get a dog or a cat for the last few years and a few months ago I decided to look for a kitten. I found Oliver and just couldn’t resist his sweet personality! He is easy-going and has about the best temperament you could ask for. He is always playing and is very curious (well, they did say that curiosity killed the cat! Hopefully not Oliver though!) When I sit here at my desk he likes to climb on and watch me work or lay underneath and fall asleep (typical cat!) I LOVE listening to him purr – I think he has the best purr ever. Here are some photos of him from when I got him at 10 weeks to now (17 weeks..) I can’t believe how much he has grown already – he has at least doubled in size since I adopted him. Enjoy!! Some of these are from my instagram too… (He also has own hashtag – #Oliverthekitten!!)

I have been debating on how to start this post many times. I can’t even count how many times I have, because I have a confession to make. I am a recovering perfectionist, and that is one of the reasons that photos have not been popping up as much as of late. It is the reason why, when I was going to photography school, that when I was in the darkroom courses, I would make too many copies of a print because it was never really what I thought I saw in my “mind’s eye.” It didn’t seem like it would ever be good enough to hand in, to be judged and critiqued by others.
I have countless notebooks full of writing, but for every poem, story, or pages full of prose, there are more with words scratched out and pages torn out, just because they simply were not good enough. A HUGE goal of mine this year is to overcome my perfectionism more, to fill in words where my perfectionism took over, to create more photographs for the ones that were not good enough.
I am an avid reader of Seth Godin‘s blog(and have read all his books) and this morning, he also wrote about perfectionism. This quote really stuck out at me, and I love it. “You’re not in the perfect business. Stop pretending that’s what the world wants from you. Truly perfect is becoming friendly with your imperfections on the way to doing something remarkable.” This makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I can overcome my perfectionism, to stop seeing the fatal flaw in a photograph that I have taken. (Fatal flaw – thank-you photography school!) I do feel bare throwing this out into the world, but maybe it can help someone else who is struggling with perfectionism.


(This photo doesn’t have anything to do with perfectionism, but it is from a personal photography project I have started, and hope to be sharing more of it soon!!)

I started photography on a whim one day. I was walking to catch the bus down to the lake for a walk and to the library to check out another pile of books. I had been out of highschool for a couple of years and was being very indecisive with what I wanted to do with my life. Did I want to become a nurse, a veterinary assistant, a dental hygienist, an anthropologist, a chef, a librarian. Yet whenever I seriously thought about pursuing them, it didn’t feel quite right for some reason. I took some courses at the local college off and on, trying to decide what I wanted to do. I love cooking, but mostly for family and friends when they come over. I had had an interest in photography off and on growing up, taking photos of my Aunts dog with a toy camera, a Great Dane named Lance and at horse camp after grade 7 with a point and shoot film camera. Horses have always been my favourite animals, besides dogs and cats. I actually didn’t take photography in highschool, instead opting for a videography class. It wasn’t until that day that I somehow, all of a sudden wanted to pick up a camera again, and when I got home that afternoon, my mom gave me her Pentax Asahi and the next day I went and got a couple of rolls of film from the drugstore. As soon as I loaded the rolls into my camera and looked around me to see what I could take photos of, it was as if something instantly clicked for me. When I got the rolls of film back from the drugstore, it was like magic and I kept taking photos of anything that looked interesting. I took photos of my dog, a toy poodle named Jackie, cool trees at the creek, the fall colours later that year, things on the street that caught my eye.
It has been a passion for me ever since, and now I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life, except for writing. (I have known that I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember, but for a few years after highschool I stopped writing and started getting the urge to write again when I went to photography school in Vancouver.) I realized today that it has will be 10 years in April since I picked up a camera again.
I take photos when I need to escape for a while, when I want to express myself creatively through photographs. I take photographs to capture a moment in time that may never happen again, and to show how I see the world, one photograph at a time. I take photos as a creative outlet and to make art for myself (I have some of my photos hanging in my apartment..). I also love that every time I pick up the camera, I learn something new that I didn’t before. I also love that when I pick up my camera and take photos of a person, I can capture the essence of a person through light and pixels. I can also take photos of a cute puppy and the expression in her eyes as she runs with joy after a stick or a ball. I also have a new found appreciation for the art form after moving to Vancouver and going to photography school at Langara college. (That will be a post for another day, when I can somehow form the words into a story!!)
I have one new photo to show you guys!! 🙂 I took this a few days ago down at the marsh, one of my absolute favourite spots to go when I need to clear my head and take some photos.